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A joint venture between The University of Melbourne and The Royal Melbourne Hospital

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There are many ways you can support the Doherty Institute.  One important way is through philanthropic investment, which will help us to:

  • Develop new ways to detect, treat and prevent new and re-emerging infectious diseases including Zika, Ebola, dengue and new strains of influenza
  • Combat the disproportionately high rate of preventable infectious disease transmission amongst Australia’s Indigenous population
  • Develop new ways to prevent, treat and cure chronic infections such as HIV, tuberculosis and viral hepatitis
  • Track and prepare for the increasing threat of antibiotic resistant superbugs
  • Advance the field of immunotherapy to harness the immune system to fight disease.

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If you are thinking about a donation that could make an important difference through education or research, we welcome a discussion on how the benefits of your gift will be realised for many years to come.

Please contact:

Sarah Goddard

Head of Philanthropy
The Peter Doherty for Infection and Immunity
792 Elizabeth Street
Melbourne, 3000

T: +(61) 411 819 397

As a joint-venture between the University of Melbourne and The Royal Melbourne Hospital, the University of Melbourne collects funds on behalf of the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity. The receipt for your gift will be issued by the University of Melbourne. Any donations via cheque should be made out to The University of Melbourne. Donations of $2 or more to University of Melbourne initiatives in Australia are tax-deductible for Australian tax payers. ABN: 84 002 705 224. 

To make a donation, click here. You will be redirected to the University of Melbourne website to complete your donation.

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We have teams of brilliant scientists, clinicians and public health experts approaching some of the greatest health challenges of our time. Real advances, however, depend upon engagement and leadership from beyond the scientific community. Delivering on the promise of the Doherty Institute requires an unprecedented level of commitment across sectors and borders alike. We invite you to join us.