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Current vacancies

Study Coordinator

The Williamson Group within the University of Melbourne's Department of Infectious Disease is currently seeking a Study Coordinator. The Study Coordinator will be responsible for the development, management, and implementation of the Meta-GP research program. You will be required to provide project management including overseeing the project plan, stakeholder engagement, management, monitoring, budgeting, evaluation and reporting with adherence to the study protocol for effective delivery of the Meta-GP research program.  The succesful applicant will be responsible for the recruitment of participants, collection and transport of clinical samples and follow up with clinical staff in accordance with the study protocol and local site procedures, and the collection and accurate recording of quantitative and qualitative data, maintenance of data integrity and confidentiality including minuting meetings and preparing reports. (More)

The deadline for applications is Wednesday, 2 February. 

Research Fellow - Bioinformatics

The Doherty Institute's new Computational Sciences Initiative is seeking a highly motivated, Bioinformatics Research Fellow. The position will drive computational and statistical analysis of multi-omics datasets applied to the areas of infectious diseases and immunology. The candidate will be self-motivated and develop a strong program of collaborative projects with other researchers in the Doherty Institute. This is anticipated to generate substantial new scientific discovery in areas spanning immunology and microbiology pursued in the institute. The position will also facilitate the development of novel approaches in bioinformatics, particularly in the application of mathematical and computational techniques to analyse data from new and emerging omic technologies, including genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics. Highly motivated bioinformaticians with an interest in infection and immunity are encouraged to apply.  (More)

The deadline for applications is Wednesday, 9 February. 

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