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Meet our graduate researchers

When considering a PhD, choosing the right place to study is a major factor.

The Doherty Institute is home to graduate researchers from all over the world with different backgrounds, interests and motivations. We asked our current graduate researchers to tell us about their research, explain why they chose to study at the Doherty Institute and also provide some advice to prospective PhD applicants.

Navneet Kaur

Navneet commenced a PhD, Structural and Functional Characterisation of the WalK histidine kinase from Staphylococcus aureus, with the McDevitt Group during 2020.


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Charlie Higgs

Charlie commenced a PhD, The application of whole genome sequencing to the understanding, surveillance, and control of antimicrobial resistant bacteria in Australia, with the Howden Group during 2019.


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Catriona Nguyen-Robertson

Catriona commenced a PhD, The molecular and cellular basis of antigen recognition by CD1a-restricted T cells, with the Godfrey Group during 2016.


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Daniel Rawlinson

Daniel commenced a PhD, The Applications and Limitations of CITE-seq for Immune Cell Profiling, with the Coin Group during 2021.


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Magnus Jespersen

Magnus commenced a PhD, Characterising the molecular drivers of group A Streptococcal evolution, with the Davies Group during 2019.


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Dr Michael Moso

Michael is a clinical graduate researcher who commenced a PhD, Nanoparticle and gene therapy approaches to HIV cure, with the Lewin Group during 2023.


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Dr Michael Moso

Dr Neta Petersiel

Neta is a clinical graduate researcher who commenced a PhD, Are MRSA β-lactam susceptibility phenotypes and genotypes associated with treatment response and clinical outcomes in MRSA bloodstream infections?, with the Tong Group during 2022


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Dr Neta Petersiel

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