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Financing your degree

Interested in pursuing graduate studies but not sure how to finance your degree?

Australia can be an expensive place to study. The Melbourne Scholarships Program is one of the most generous and comprehensive in Australia, with a wide range of scholarships available for domestic and international students. We want to ensure our students can focus on their studies whilst we take care of the finances.

What does a scholarship cover?

There are many different types of scholarships available, with some varying in value, duration and eligibility. Most of our graduate students have scholarships to aid with living expenses and course fees. Some scholarships also assist with relocation fees and insurance costs whilst studying at the University of Melbourne.

How to obtain a scholarship?

Graduate Research Scholarships for domestic and international students are awarded on a competitive basis. If successful, students must also meet the entry requirements for a Doctoral degree at the University of Melbourne. More details on the different types of scholarships available, what they cover and eligibility can be found here.