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Project: How does host immunogenetics influence antibody responses upon COVID-19 vaccination and infection

Chung group

Antibodies are a vital component of the immune responses require for protection and control of infectious diseases. Antibodies are highly functional, they can neutralize pathogens (inhibit the pathogen from infecting the host), as well instruct the innate immune system on how to attack and eliminate pathogens through various Fc receptor functions such as ADCC (antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity) and ADCP (Antibody dependent cellular phagocytosis). Neutralizing antibodies have been identified as a correlate of protection against a range of infectious diseases including COVID-19. In addition, recent studies suggest that Fc receptor functions also contribute to protection and control of infectious disease. However, the levels of functional antibodies that are induced by vaccination appear to vary widely across different people. This project will examine how host immunogenetics, specifically antibody allotypes, influence the levels and functional capacity of antibodies induced upon infection and/or vaccination.

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Project Supervisor

Dr Amy Chung

Dr Kevin John Selva

Project Co-supervisor

Ms Pradhipa Ramanathan

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Master of Biomedical Science

Chung group

2 vacancies

Viral Infectious Diseases
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The Chung group has an interest in understanding how an antibody can instruct the innate immune system to attack and protect against a range of infectious diseases including HIV, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and malaria through engagement with their Fc regions. Ultimately, our research aims to understand the mechanisms behind these antibodies in order to guide the development of more effective antibody therapeutics and vaccines.

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