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Project: Studying T and B cell immunity to malaria

Haque Group

R/Cas9 methods.  We couple this with high-dimensional analysis of cells using single-cell genomic techniques.  The objective is to discover new genes that control T/B cell biology in malaria. 

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Project Supervisor

Associate Professor Ashraful Haque

Dr Hyun Jae Lee

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Master of Biomedical Science

Haque Group

2 vacancies

Bacterial and Parasitic Infections
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Discovery Research
Computational Science and Genomics

Our laboratory is interested in studying T cell responses during infectious disease and in cancer. We specialize in studying these cells using a relatively recent technique called “single-cell genomics”.  This technology allows us to examine thousands of genes and chromatin changes in individual cells, which is important because immune cells are often highly dynamic and diverse. We use a variety of bio-informatic and computational analytical methods to study these datasets.  Hence, our research team is comprised of a mixture of “wet-lab” experimentalists and “dry-lab” analysts.

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