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Project: Understanding the genetics and biology of Tuberculosis through genomics

Dunstan group

The influx of whole genome sequencing data over the past decade has reshaped our understanding of the Mtb pathogen, its evolutionary history, and mechanisms of virulence and antibiotic resistance. Given the large number of genomes now available in the public domain, as well as data generated within our group, a myriad of opportunities exist to analyse this data for insight into the genetics and biology of the pathogen. Projects are available for students interested in pathogen genomics including phylogenetics, comparative genomics, genome assembly, and students interested in human genetic association studies and host-pathogen interaction. Students may inquire for more specific details of the projects available.

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Associate Professor Sarah Dunstan

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Master of Biomedical Science

Dunstan group

2 vacancies

Antimicrobial Resistance
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The Dunstan group uses host and pathogen genomics to understand infectious diseases. We perform genome-wide association studies of the human host, genomic studies of the infecting pathogen, and investigate the interaction of both genomes in disease. Our research focuses on tuberculosis and enteric fever, which are diseases with high burden in resource poor countries and require new tools for their control and elimination.

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