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A joint venture between The University of Melbourne and The Royal Melbourne Hospital

The Doherty Institute has world-leading scientists, including Laureate Professor Peter Doherty, working to understand how the human immune system recognises infectious agents and enables an effective response to not only eliminate infection, but also develop immunological memory – the basis of a successful vaccine.

Researchers at the Doherty Institute are studying all aspects of the immune system, including different specialised T Cells: NKT cells, killer T cells, tissue resident memory T cells and mucosal associated invariant T (MAIT) cells. In addition, groups are investigating the genes that control the ‘memory’ of the immune system and through new technology they are able to directly image cells that are fighting infections in different parts of the body. Through this improved understanding of immune defences, groups within the Doherty Institute are making advances in generating and testing vaccines to improve the control and prevention of a wide range of infectious diseases, including HIV and influenza.