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Capucine Penicaud

Capucine Penicaud is Programe Manager for the International Coalition to Eliminate HBV (ICE-HBV). She leads the secretariat of the Coalition based at the Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity in Melbourne, Australia. Her portfolio also includes managing the Doherty Institute’s research Themes and Cross-cutting Disciplines’ programme. She has over ten years of experience in international development and global health, both in non-profit (International AIDS Society) and government organisations (French Foreign Affairs Ministry). Her work focuses on the design of international strategic research initiatives such as the IAS’ Towards an HIV Cure programme and ICE-HBV.

  • Publications
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    Research Groups
    • Revill Group

      Peter’s group investigates the role of different HBV genotypes and variants in the HBV life cycle, disease progression and treatment response. This includes the role of splice variants, which his team has shown are predictive of liver cancer.

      Lab Team

      Revill Group

      • Section Head, Molecular Virology Group, Division of Research and Molecular Development
      • Tina Sozzi
        Senior Research Assistant
      • Dr Liz Bannister
        PhD candidate
      • Dr Zina Valaydon
        PhD candidate
      • Miss Thao Huynh
        Honours student
      • Mr Hugh Mason
        Research Assistant

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