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Liver Cancer Prevention: linking viral hepatitis diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes

Project Summary

Through health record linkage, combining notifications of viral hepatitis diagnosis, liver cancer diagnoses, hospitalisations, and deaths, as well as records of services provided through the Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits programs, this project will develop an accurate picture of the burden of viral hepatitis in Victoria, and measure the impact of care and treatment at a population level as a cancer prevention strategy. By examining the current level of access to care, and measuring the effectiveness of treatment received in preventing liver cancer, this research will guide clinical and public health policy in this area and help address the increasing burden of liver cancer in Australia. 


To determine the burden of viral hepatitis and associated adverse outcomes in Victoria, and to examine the level of uptake and the effectiveness of clinical and population health interventions such as antiviral treatment and liver cancer surveillance on reducing the impact of these infections. 


WHO Collaborating Centre for Viral Hepatitis, VIDRL, The Doherty Institute

Principal Investigator: Prof Benjamin Cowie

Chief Investigators: Jennifer MacLachlan, Dr Nicole Allard, George Mnatzaganian

Communicable Diseases Epidemiology and Surveillance,

Department of Health and Human Services Victoria

Chief Investigator: Ms Stacey Rowe 

Project contact

Jennifer MacLachlan | Senior Epidemiologist

t: 03 9342 9373 | e: jennifer.maclachlan@mh.org.au 


Competitive research funding from Royal Melbourne Hospital Home Lottery 2016 Project Grant