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Project: Finding new antibiotics against Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Stinear Group

This project will explore hit compounds identified during a high throughput library screen of potential activators of the essential WalKR regulatory system in S. aureus, with the goal of identifying lead compounds that could become a new class of ‘sensitizing’ antibiotics to treat the growing crisis of multidrug resistant S. aureus. The project will involve the use of microbiology, function genomics and leading-edge molecular methods to dissect the mode-of-action of short-listed compounds.

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Project Supervisor

Professor Tim Stinear

Project Co-supervisor

Dr Liam Sharkey

Project availability
Master of Biomedical Science

Stinear Group

3 vacancies

Antimicrobial Resistance
Bacterial and Parasitic Infections
Cross Cutting Disciplines
Computational Science and Genomics

The Stinear group study bacteria that can infect humans and cause disease and we study human immune responses to those bacteria. We make mutants.  We uncover molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis. We discover new antibiotics. We make vaccines. We create new diagnostic tests. We track disease outbreaks, . We sequence genomes and we expose dodgy science. Our research usually involves close collaboration with public health laboratories and with major hospitals  so that our research can be rapidly implemented and used to benefit society.

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