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Project: Immunomodulatory mechanisms in the brain tumour microenvironment

Mantamadiotis group

This project will explore the cellular and molecular composition of the brain tumour microenvironment, including immune cells & fibrosis. This will contribute to understanding the biological communication between tumour and non-tumour cells and how this contributes to oncogenesis and treatment response. Unique brain cancer cell lines and brain tumour tissue from animal models and patients will be used to investigate the tumour microenvironment using state-of-the-art multiplex immunohistochemistry and computational analysis. This project would suit students interested in learning and applying image and computational analysis.

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Project Supervisor

Dr Theo Mantamadiotis

Project Co-supervisor

Dr Stanley Stylli

Project availability
Master of Biomedical Science

Mantamadiotis group

1 vacancies

Cross Cutting Disciplines

The Mantamadiotis group’s research aims to understand how the tumor microenvironment, including immune cells, contribute to oncogenesis and treatment response to improve brain cancer therapy.

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