WHO CC for Viral Hepatitis

WHO CC for Viral Hepatitis

Centre Activities

  • Global health

    Global health

    The WHO Collaborating Centre for Viral Hepatitis works internationally to achieve the global WHO goal of elimination of viral hepatitis as a public health threat by 2030.

  • Population health

    Population health

    Through the epidemiological analysis of large health datasets, we provide government, health agencies, peak bodies and researchers with the evidence base to develop and evaluate policy, strategy and programs that target the needs of people living with chronic hepatitis B and chronic hepatitis C.

  • Surveillance


    We work closely with government to develop capacity and provide tools to support the public health response to viral hepatitis in Australia.

  • Health systems research

    Health systems research

    We undertake quantitative, qualitative and translational research to better understand how to improve health outcomes for people living with viral hepatitis and their experience within our health system

  • Social research

    Social research

    We work with people – including those with lived experience of viral hepatitis, working in healthcare and in communities – to understand the barriers and enablers to engaging in care and drive effective change.

  • Advocacy


    Through partnerships and strategic alliances we work to influence the policy response to viral hepatitis.

  • All projects and activites

    All projects and activites