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Dr Annabell Bachem

Dr Annabell Bachem

Dr Annabell Bachem

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Senior Research Fellow
Immunology, Bacterial and Parasitic Infections
Discovery Research
The University of Melbourne, Department of Microbiology and Immunology (DMI)
Lab Group(s):
Bedoui Group

Dr Annabell Bachem is a senior research fellow in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at The University of Melbourne. She received her PhD from the Humboldt University (Berlin), where she translated the key finding that CD8+ DC are superior in antigen cross-presentation from mouse to human. This resulted in the ability to define these cells across species using the now universally used marker XCR1. In 2014 she joined the group of Professor Sammy Bedoui at the Peter Doherty Institute. Here she established that the metabolite butyrate increases CD8+ T cell metabolism and enhances their transition to long-lived memory cells.

  • Key Achievements
    • Dr Annabell Bachem has discovered XCR1 as unifying marker for cross-presenting DC (J Exp Med 2010; Front Immunol 2012). Due to this work, she was awarded a competitive postdoctoral fellowship from the German Research Council. She has demonstrated a pivotal role for microbiota on CD8+ T cells (Immunity 2019), which secured her a Melbourne University Early-Career Researcher Grant as well as a Research Support Grant. Her current work has raised the prospect that microbiota-derived mediators could be used to enhance adoptive T cell therapy of cancer for which she was short-listed for the MDHS Dean’s Award for Innovation.

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    Research Groups
    • Bedoui Group

      The Bedoui Lab uses models of viral and bacterial infection to study how the innate and the adaptive immune system interact. Key foci are to understand how innate cells sense pathogens and how this information is integrated into protective adaptive T cell responses.

      Lab Team

      Bedoui Group

      • Senior Research Fellow
      • Dr Marie Greyer
        Laboratory Manager
      • Dr Kayla Wilson
        Research Officer
      • Mr Lindsay Kosack
        Research Assistant
      • Ms Michelle Clark
        Research Assistant
      • Mr Sven Engel
        Graduate Researcher
      • Ms Ariane Renita Lee
        Graduate Researcher
      • Mr Michael Wilson
        Graduate Researcher
      • Ms Sining Li
        Honours student